I like a good glass of wine. It is one of my little pleasures. Recently my local wine store did send me a mailing with Cycles Gladiator wine on sale. I normally get a lot of these in my mailbox and hardly take a look at them. This time was different as the reason the wine was on sale was that Cycles Gladiator was banned from restaurants and retail establishments in Alabama. Why? The Alabama Beverage Control Board has deemed the wine brand label as “pornographic”.

Isn’t it funny that we spend a huge amount of our early lives getting an education; learning to read and write, learning mathematics and the history of the country we live in, but that we never get taught how to live life itself? The simple skills on how to communicate with people, how to be a successful, happy person and how to design our own lives are left out. What a waste!

The Diamond Cutter Review

In this book Michael Roach tells the story of how he helped to build the Andin International Diamond Corporation (which started from a $50.000 loan and 3 to 4 employees, to a company making sales in excess of 100 million dollars with over 500 employees all over the world) using his Buddhist values.

Awake Your Authentic Self

This website is a personal project in which I would like to share my ideas around Self Improvement, Communication, Personal Growth & Effectiveness. For me Personal Effectiveness isn’t about learning new tricks, but about discovering your True Self and your core values: getting rid of all the bad habits, limitations and false believes people have been gathering over the years.