One of the biggest personal development steps you can take is to stop being a victim. Stop blaming others for all the bad things that are happening to you and the ones you love. By taking this step you regain responsibility, and control, over your life and will make a shift from reactive to proactive thinking and doing. This is the start of true conscious living: a major leap in your development.

Sitting at the table next to us was a man eating his lunch. Suddenly this man got up, very quickly, taking his tray with a full bottle of apple juice, and left. During all of this he bumped his tray at the buggy, dropping some napkins on the floor. This was a little strange; I remember thinking if we upset him in any way, but as we were only talking about cars and stairs, how was that possible?

Loving What Is Review

Byron Katie was severely depressed and had been suffering for many years. Then one morning she woke up and noticed a shift in her awareness. She found out that her thoughts are not who she truly was. She also discovered that by asking four simple questions she could investigate her thoughts and find out if they are true or false.