The highest priority in life

Work is important, I like what I do. I also love to write for this blog, Personal Development is my passion and I love to share it with others. But my highest priority in life is with my family, with my wife Sigrid and daughter Rosanne. Nothing is more important than that. What good can I do if I’m never around and work all the time?

Feel like a child, be a child

In my opinion we can learn more from children than the best guru or enlightened master can teach us. Children, when they are young, naturally live in the now, in the moment. This is a great teaching. It will keep you young and alert. If you stop for a moment and are willing to be open, a piece of that natural playfulness and awareness will be transmitted to you; changing you forever. Changing your priorities and teaching you what is really important and what is not.

What is quality time?

While defining the priorities for Quality Time is relatively easy, the persons or things you are passionate about, finding the time to spend that Quality Time is not (at least for most of us). Why is that? Are we too busy in life: too much to do, too little time? And could it be that our priorities do not match the things we are passionate about?