The way I see it is that money in itself is not the problem, nor is the love of money. It’s the believe people have that money will solve all their problems. This can happen to people with a rich mindset but also to those with a poor one. They believe in an illusion that money will make them happy. However, in my opinion, The Secret to Happiness has nothing to do with money.

Sitting at the table next to us was a man eating his lunch. Suddenly this man got up, very quickly, taking his tray with a full bottle of apple juice, and left. During all of this he bumped his tray at the buggy, dropping some napkins on the floor. This was a little strange; I remember thinking if we upset him in any way, but as we were only talking about cars and stairs, how was that possible?

Have you ever wondered why time seems to speed up as we are getting older? Or why time slows down when we are bored or sitting in the dentist chair? And why time seems to expand when we are experiencing new situations in our life, like traveling to a part of the world we have never been before? Steve Taylor gives an answer to these questions in this fascination book.