When we see things only from our perspective we miss a lot of detail. We may only see 50 or 30 percent, maybe less, of what is going on. But most of us think and act like we know it for the full 100 percent. The truth is that we only know it for 50 percent and the rest of it we make up in our minds; we fill in the blanks with assumptions.

How to change and grow in life

If you, consciously, accept the challenge something wonderful can happen. Change can be the catalyst for something bigger. Change can make you grow, it can transform you. But remember: Personal development is for the brave at heart. You’ll have to earn real and lasting change. Once you learn how to change and grow in life, once you follow the path, there is no turning back.

We all experience the world around us differently. With our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) we process an enormous flow of information that is constantly reaching us; day and night. The only way our brain can handle this is to filter it. This is the reality we experience. Our experience is not the real reality but a filtered one. We are living in our own world.

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