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As a life coach and someone who is genuinely interested in people I have learned to listen and to observe. I look at how people behave, how they move, how they breathe, what their facial expressions are and listen to what they have to say. You can learn a lot by observing and listening to how people speak.

As a facilitator I normally spend quite some time preparing for a meeting. As mentioned in one of my previous articles, 10 steps to a successful meeting, my experience is that the success of a meeting depends more than 60% on its preparation. A well prepared, and facilitated, meeting most likely will be a successful [...]

What is inspiration? How to find inspiration? I guess there are many definitions, but to me it is an insight or idea that can give a new perspective to something I’m working on. It can also be a completely new idea I’ve never thought of before. Inspiration may provide me with guidance that can lead to a new direction in life. Without inspiration, positive change cannot happen.

The funny thing with running a personal development blog is that I am very conscious of the fact that I have been pushing it to my limits in the weeks before the vacation. This is a kind of awareness I acquired over the last couple of years. But even with this knowledge life sometimes gives me these little lessons why it is so important to relax and live a simple life which is enlightened, authentic and stress free.

Give up control. The problem with doing everything perfect is that it is a fairy tale, something too good to be true. The need to perform all the time, even when it is not necessary, is causing a continuous stream of stress. Perfectionism can work for some time but at a certain point you pay the price with stress and anxiety as result, maybe worse.

In its core, life is simple: You eat a little, relax a little, have some fun and everything should work out fine. At least that’s how it was intended en can be. But look how we ended up: Instead of living a simple, enlightened life, where beauty can be found in the little things, we’ve turned everything around. We made simple things complex. More complex than it should be, spending our time and energy on things we do not need. Life has become a struggle.

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