Welcome to my Personal Development Blog: Authentic Self Coaching.

My name is Patrick Schriel. I started out my professional career in an Information Technology environment, but over the years I became more and more interested in Personal Development, Communication, Facilitation, Life Coaching & Conscious Living.

I currently work as a coordinator/facilitator for a large international audit firm. On daily basis I work with people from different countries and cultural background. You can say that communication is key to what I do. Recently I started a study to become a Life Coach.

For me Personal Development isn’t about learning new tricks, but about discovering your True Self and your core values: getting rid of all the bad habits, limitations and false beliefs people have been gathering over the years. This may mean that one method that is good for me may not be the right approach for someone else, if his core values are not the same as mine. This is one reason why there are so many self help books. And while most of them fit the author, if there is no match with the core values and beliefs of the readers, they will not work.

This Personal Development Blog is a personal project in which I would like to share my ideas around Self Improvement, Communication, Personal Growth & Effectiveness. I will post reviews on books and ideas which I think are helpful to become a more authentic, better person. I will also discuss Communication or Personal Effectiveness methods that can be of great use. And, from personal experience, how NOT to do things.