Celebrate your success and don’t be afraid of it

This week I noticed this blog, patrickschriel.com, is exactly one year old. That is a reason to celebrate as it developed from a hobby to something very serious. Little did I realize what an adventure is would become when I started it. I managed to post on a weekly basis, there are now more than 65 articles and people are enjoying reading them. My writing has improved, I made new friends and traffic to the site has been increasing every month. I’m even making some money. Patrickschriel.com is a real success!

Writing for this blog is a fun thing to do and while doing so I realized that I wanted to make a career out of helping others with their personal development. Personal development is my passion so why not help other as well? One thing led to another and last spring I signed up for a two year training course to become a certified life coach. I’m very excited about all of this and am looking forward to the year ahead. You can see I’m real proud of what I accomplished.

Part of my own personal development is that I am not afraid anymore of being successful. It wasn’t too long ago that I actually was, and thinking: okay I have some success, but how long will it last? I was sending signals to my subconscious mind that I didn’t allow myself to be successful. I was afraid of success, and success was afraid of me.

My own happiness was not a major goal. I’d rather lived an average life, being content with what I had, instead of living my passion; reaching my full potential. The higher I climbed the harder I could fall was my motto and by doing so I was setting myself up for failure: A self fulfilling prophecy. I knew other people were successful, but me? No way!

That was the old me. Since then I have been working on my self-confidence, among other things, and am glad I did. It made me a much happier person; I’m not afraid of success any longer, I enjoy success and can also share it with others. This is something I wish for others as well as I realize self-confidence is a major issue with a lot of people.

Another thing I learned is that happiness is not something to obtain in the future, it is a mindset; you can be happy right now. All you have to do allow yourself to be happy. Most people set goals in their lives but forget to enjoy themselves along the way. What’s the fun of working hard without a little fun in your life? Enjoy every moment of it! It’s not the end result that counts; it’s the journey towards the goal.

When reaching your goals, make sure you celebrate. Celebrate the little successes and celebrate the big ones. Celebrate every step you make, celebrate every moment of your life: by doing so happiness will become a way of life.

Remember, celebrate your success and don’t be afraid of it. If I can, so can you.

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  • Mike King Feb 3, 2010 @ 6:52

    Such a valuable message and one often forgotten. Celebrating success and progress towards what we think success might be for those who think it is a destination is a huge motivating force. Great article and congratulations on 1 year blogging!

  • Benjamin Feb 4, 2010 @ 15:37

    I agree completely, Patrick.

    Too many personal development and ‘get rich’ programs unconsciously program us to wait until something external happens to be happy.

    This is summed up nicely by some Sheryl Crow lyrics “It’s not having what you want… it’s wanting what you’ve got”

    If you don’t make happiness a part of who you are right now… it will be lost in a future that never comes.

    Loving life really is about the attitude you bring… not the stuff you get.

    I’m glad to hear you teaching this, Patrick… and congratulations on your success!

    keep smiling,


  • nothingprofound Feb 4, 2010 @ 17:05

    Patrick-Congratulations on your first year anniversary as a blogger and more than that on having achieved this happiness in your life,

  • rona Mar 3, 2010 @ 17:45

    How true these words rang for me today! Thank you, Patrick 🙂

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