How to change and grow in life

Do you think there can be personal growth without any effort? And can there be change without some sort of resistance? The bigger the opportunity to grow, the more issues will come up which you’ll have to deal with. It’s a natural law. The more you can take as a person, the more you will get. Do you know how to change and grow in life? Real change will not come easy; you have to work at it. Personal development is for the brave at heart. You’ll have to earn real and lasting change.

When you’re growing, maybe going through a transformation in your life, you’ll have to let go of the old to make room for something new. This is a natural thing and cannot be done without some turmoil in your life; which you need to go through to proceed to the next level. I always look at it as some sort of test to see if you are ready for it. Once you pass, you are ready for something bigger and better.

Looking back at my own life; the major changes that took place, lessons I had to learn and growing experiences, all of them, went hand in hand with issues I had to deal with or people who resisted them. Luckily I was persistence enough to conquer all of them. Once dealt with, the issues went away and I could continue on my path of growth. Every significant change was an opportunity to grow.

Last year presented another opportunity to grow. I’ve had an interest in personal development for a long time and decided to follow this passion, setup this blog and become a certified life coach to help others. This also meant I had to make an investment in a two year study to make all of this happen. This decision, and the actions that go with it, was enough to turn my life around. I’m going through a real transformation and it is no surprise that I’m now presented with the challenges that go hand in hand with this important change in my life.

I look at life as a journey and the challenges I face as an opportunity for change. In my life I’m constantly presented with opportunities to grow. This time is no different. The fact that all these challenges come up is proof for me that I’m on the right track. I’m very excited about this as I know I will conquer this too and will prevail.

Change is natural, not something to be afraid of, as nothing remains the same. You may not change, but others will. Change is an opportunity to grow. It’s how you deal with change that determines the outcome. If you walk away from it, nothing will happen and you may be presented with that same challenge at a later point in your life when you are more ready for it.

If you, consciously, accept the challenge something wonderful can happen. Change can be the catalyst for something bigger. Change can make you grow, it can transform you. But remember: Personal development is for the brave at heart. You’ll have to earn real and lasting change. Once you learn how to change and grow in life, once you follow the path, there is no turning back.

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  • Ralph Jan 10, 2010 @ 5:41

    Good stuff. Change is necessary and inevitable. The way I see it, we might as well use it as a chance to grow.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Adam Jan 11, 2010 @ 23:13

    So true Patrick, thanks for sharing!

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