Keep it simple and live an enlightened life

Life was never meant to be complex. Like water, life flows best without any obstacles and likes to follow the shortest possible route to its destination. Everything else produces unneeded resistance, anxiety and stress. If you look at nature there’s a natural flow and rhythm which embraces everything. Everything, with one exception: the human race.

In its core, life is simple: You eat a little, relax a little, have some fun and everything should work out fine. At least that’s how it was intended en can be. It certainly was when we were hunter-gatherers; living from the things nature provided us. But look how we ended up: Instead of living a simple, enlightened life, where beauty can be found in the little things, we’ve turned everything around. We made simple things complex. More complex than it should be, spending our time and energy on things we do not need. Life has become a struggle.

Have a look at the following examples. What do you think, do they sound familiar?

  • Instead of working together we compete with one another to satisfy our egos. Refusing to back-off, we fight to the bitter end, even when we are clearly wrong. Often we both lose with this kind of behavior.
  • Instead of trusting our feelings we believe our troubled thoughts. Stress is an indication there’s something wrong with how we look and perceive certain things in our life. Isn’t it time to investigate our stressful thoughts?
  • Wealth is mindset, but often we believe wealth is only within our bank accounts.
  • We hardly notice the beauty in the smaller things. When was the last time you enjoyed walking in the park while listening to the birds, singing in the trees above you?
  • Instead of embracing change as a natural part of life, we resist and get stressed-out over it. I can make you one promise: nothing stays the same. Change is very normal.
  • We need to plan our time to relax; instead of living a relaxed life.
  • We work long hours to provide for our children which we hardly see. What do you think they prefer more? Having more toys or a parent who spends more time with them?
  • What’s more important about the clothes you wear? The brand name or how they fit and feel? And what is it you are buying with those designer clothes? An image for yourself? Are you trying to hide your true, authentic self?
  • How much stuff have you collected over the years? Isn’t it time to get rid if things you don’t need any longer?
  • Are you making plans to be happy in the future? What’s wrong with being happy now?

There are a lot more examples which I didn’t mentioned, but I hope you get my point. In essence a simple life is an enlightened life which certainly should not be a struggle. Less stuff and fewer things to worry about will make room for growth: personal and spiritual.

Why take life so serious? Let go and enjoy the flow. Image you are floating on a river. The current will guide you. If you resist you will get tired and may drown. If you let go the river will take you to places you have never seen before. Enjoy the ride. Keep it simple and live an enlightened life.

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  • Jason Nov 5, 2009 @ 14:46

    Damn! Hahaha…this is getting scary now, Patrick. Are you sure we’re not separated at birth, or are we getting the same wisdom from our kids?

    I posted on Tuesday this:

    So I guess I’ve got to agree with you in regards living a simple life.

    I just need you to tell me what I will be posting next so that you can give me some ideas LOL

    Thanks, my friend.

  • Glowing Face Man Nov 6, 2009 @ 21:42

    “Nature never rushes, and yet everything is accomplished” 🙂

  • Gazzali Nov 8, 2009 @ 1:02

    Hi pat
    thank you for this thought provoking post. I think simplicity can bring down stress level. I like the picture for this post.

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