How To Find Your Passion

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know your purpose for existence? Wouldn’t it be great to know your true passion?

Before we go any further, let me share my definition of a passion with you: A true passion is something you are passionate about, like to do and which you have talent for. A true passion comes right out of your soul.

Every person has at least one passion in their life, even if they do not know it yet. My experience is that when you are living your passion things happen with ease. You enjoy what you are doing. You’re in flow. It’s like the universe is supporting you in every possible way and with every step you take. People who have turned their passion into their career are generally very happy people.

Surprisingly, many people do not know what their passion is and, as a result, are stuck in life. They do not like what they are doing and may stay in a job just for the money. My personal opinion is that no one will benefit if you stick to a job you do not like. If you are not passionate about what you do; chances are you are not very good at it as well. You may even hate doing it and the people you love may hate you too (for sticking to it).

How to find you passion? Finding your passion may be easier that you think. If you’re open to it and notice, life is giving you lots of clues. But it’s your task to watch out for them. In general:

Things you are passionate about go with ease, joy and fulfillment. They give you energy. Things you are not good at cause stress and resistance. You feel tired doing them.

If you want to find your passion, you need to watch out for these signals. Below are a couple of questions which may help you finding your passion:

  • Are there any things you are particular good at? How do you feel when you do them? Do they go with ease?
  • What classes did you enjoy in school? What classes did go with ease? Did you have to study hard?
  • Do you have hobbies? Have you ever considered turning them into your profession? Can you make a living out of them?
  • What kinds of people inspire you? What is their profession? Would you like to do this too?
  • Do you like to work with people, in a team? Or do you prefer to work alone?
  • Have you ever considered starting your own business?
  • Would you like to do something complete different? Is it possible to retrain yourself?

The answer to these questions may give you a clue to what your passion is. It is usually helpful to spend some time alone contemplate, or meditate, about them. Spending some time in a natural environment is helpful too: Doing a little hike or walking along the beach. Being in nature helps to clear your mind and connects you to your inner being: your authentic self.

You may also want to consult a life coach. A good (life) coach can help you discover you passion and the things that are really important for you. Life coaching is especially helpful if you feel you are stuck in life.

It is important to note that coaches do not give advice. They will never tell you what to do. Instead they help you to discovery the answer from within. They help you look at your current situation; help you discovery what you would like to do; Identify and overcome your limitations; help you to see all the possibilities and finally help you set the right goals in your life.

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  • Taylor Aug 1, 2009 @ 5:59

    Hey sorry it took me so long to add you to my blogroll, I haven’t been on Steve’s forums in awhile! But anyways I like your usage of the thesis theme to and I’m liking your content 🙂 cheers! Hope to hear back from you! PS: hows ezine articles working from you? Have you noticed any jumps in traffic? -Taylor

  • Find yourself with a smile... Aug 15, 2009 @ 21:38

    Very nice.

    Passion is a true blessing… and I agree that we are all blessed with some degree of it.

    I think that if we enjoy our passion enough, that we can really touch the realm of true genius.

    Since it was your post that got me to read “Power Vs Force”, I think a quote is in order:

    “A formula followed by all geniuses, prominent or not, is: Do what you like to do best, and do it to the best of your ability.” -David R. Hawkins

    keep smiling,


    keep smiling,


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