Your Body Doesn’t Lie Review

Have you even noticed that the things you like give you energy and the things you don’t  seem to drain the energy out of you? Think of it for a while. Does your current job give you energy or are you drained when the working day is over? And what about the other activities in your life? The food you eat and the relationships you have with other people?

It is funny to see how your body reacts to what is good for you and what isn’t. Before the conscious mind knows, the unconscious mind and your body are already aware of it.

On a recent flight to New York City I was reading a book called Your Body Doesn’t Lieby John Diamond. The book is fairly old, originally published in 1980, but the content is still up-to-date. If you have never heard of Behavioral Kinesiology (BK); maybe you have heard of muscle testing, which is the same. In Your Body Doesn’t Lie John Diamond describes what BK is, how to apply it and the role the Thymus Gland plays on our immune system.

In BK a test person is stretching out his arm horizontally which then can be testing by another person by pushing down on the arm when asking a question. They can then test how strong or weak the muscles in the arm reacts toward a question or another object. If something is good or positive the arm will hold, if something is negative or bad the arm can be pushed down.

Now before you think this is all imagination of the mind, I have seen this work many times and every time it is fascinating to see or experience myself. Your Body Doesn’t Lie is a good introduction to BK and a recommended read. But be warned: Your Body Doesn’t Lie may change your view on processed food forever.

Before reading Your Body Doesn’t Lie I had been reading Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviorby David Hawkins. David Hawkins mentioned John Diamond as the one from who he learned muscle testing and this is how I came interested to read Your Body Doesn’t Lie in the first place, to get some background information. In Power vs. Force David Hawkins is taken muscle testing (he calls his method Kinesiologic Testing) to another level and explores the whole human condition and consciousness. Fascinating stuff which I will review in detail another time.

Both Your Body Doesn’t Lie and Power vs. Force have been added to my Recommended page, which you may want to check out for other recommended books as well.

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