The Naked Truth

We human beings like to hide as much as possible of our true nature. We try to hide our feelings, our emotions. Our sexuality. What our true intentions are. Our age. How much money we make. What our political opinion or world view is, if it is not in line with that of the majority. I can go on for hours with this list. The truth is that we like to give away as little as possible of our true, authentic self. Afraid that other people find out who we truly are.

But number one on this list must be the relationship we have with our body. As our body is expressing our current state of being, we must hide or cover it up at all cost. All to keep up appearances to fit in with the masses. No wonder that so many of us are frustrated and depressed. Our personality is imprisoned and our body is expressing this, resulting in stress related illness.

Have you ever wondered why we are so ashamed of our body? Why is it so difficult for us to show who we truly are, without reservation? Don’t get me wrong as I am not advocating here to go nude in public. But stay with me and think of it for a while.

Clothes have a function, to keep out the cold, stay warm and express ourselves. But why is there such a taboo in our society on people without any clothes on? After all we are born naked. We shower naked and sleep naked. Being naked is very natural. Every animal is naked. In fact we are the only species on earth with clothes on. Are we too afraid of our body as it is remembering us of our primate heritage? The naked ape?

We find it perfect normal to watch a murder on TV. But once a naked body is shown we freak out. Isn’t that sad?

Look at it from another perspective. Being naked is the ultimate honesty as there is nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. Sometimes my wife and I go to a sauna. Being naked is the norm and no problem at all. Apparently, as soon as everyone is naked, we suddenly accept it.

Going deeper, the skin is just another layer. We try to hide that we are getting older by wearing cosmetics or lift our body, maybe use implants. But what’s wrong with being natural and authentic? Why are we kidding ourselves and covering it all up?

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  • Sarah May 13, 2009 @ 6:30

    Well, it depends on the culture as well. Most of us are being taught that getting naked in public is indecent.

    But these days, more people are exposing themselves, not totally nude but in some ways, well you know what I mean. Mini skirts (exposing the legs). Tubes (exposing part of the boobs). Bikinis (definitely very exposing).

  • My Life Thinking May 13, 2009 @ 14:00

    I have a story for you , but plz don’t think I am crazy.

    I read something about human body in the early time of humanity creation, it says that humans were covered by “nails” , can you believe that?!

  • Carolyn Cordon May 17, 2009 @ 1:26

    Clothes are what separates us from the animals.
    Clothes give us the chance to express ourselves.
    Clothes help us hid ourselves too.
    I wear clothes to keep warm to prevent sun damage.

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