Role playing and your authentic self

Have you ever taken notice of the different roles you play in life and which of those roles is closest to your core being, the real you, your authentic self?

People play roles all the time. Some people identify with their jobs, being married, and others because of their (financial) status. But is this who they really are? What if they lose that job, get divorced, or lose all the money they have? Is their identity gone? Have they identified so much with a role, even if it causes them a lot of stress, that they suffer to the extend that they do not know who they are, or know what to do, when that role is gone?

While working as a facilitator, I play that role. But is this who I am? Or while writing this article, I play the role of writer. But am I that writer? I guess being a writer on my blog about personal growth & development comes pretty close to my core being, my authentic self. I know this because writing this article gives me joy. I like what I am doing, in this moment.

My personal experience is that you should listen to your body. It is the perfect indicator if something is good for you or not. If you feel relaxed and joyful at what you do, it is good. If you experience anxiety or stress, it is not. Please find below some guidelines on how to come closer to your authentic self and find the roles that are good for you:

  • If you’re experience a lot of fun or bliss while performing a role (or anything else you are doing), it is a good indicator that that role is close to your core being, your authentic self. It may be different in the future, but for now your body is supporting that role. 
  • If a role causes you a lot of stress, there may be something wrong. This could be the role itself or the perception of that role. Please investigate the cause and question if that role is still good for you or that you should move on. Make sure you investigate thoroughly as the cause of that stress could be something that is not expected at first, and may not relate to the role at all. 
  • Change is normal and should not be avoided. Enjoy the roles you are performing at this moment, but do not identify with them to the extend that when they are gone, you lose your identity. Remember it is a role you are playing. You are the actor of your life, a new role will come along.

Live is meant to be fun. Make sure you take full advantage of it. Perform the roles that are closest to your heart and authentic self. Make sure to follow your bliss!

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  • Bati Apr 18, 2009 @ 13:08

    Really that i just like role playing games.I think life is like a RPG and more people just act a member at this game

  • Najma Apr 28, 2009 @ 2:54

    That was a great piece of advise.Helps increase productivity and reduce stress.

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