The Anatomy of Peace Review

the-anatomy-of-peaceThe Anatomy of Peace – Resolving the Heart of Conflict – The Arbinger Institute (

Lou Herbert needs to rearrange his life, his thinking and the way he communicates to people in order to reestablish the bond between himself, his wife Carol, the people who work for him and especially his son Cory.

Lou’s son Cory is send to a wilderness camp to deal with his issues and to stay out of trouble with the law. Part of this arrangement is that Lou, as a parent, needs to attend a two day workshop as well. In this workshop, which is led by an Arab and a Jew, Lou learns to find peace in his heart.

The Anatomy of Peace is the follow-up book of Leadership and Self Deception (but takes place many years before) and tells the story of how Lou Herbert transforms from a man who blames everyone except himself to a successful entrepreneur who is highly respected in private and business life. 

People who have read Leadership and Self Deception may remember Lou Herbert as the man who teaches how to get “out of the box” to every new employee in his company. The idea of that book (if we do not honer the initial reaction to a choice we face, we betray ourselves) is worked out in greater detail in The Anatomy of Peace and learns us how we can resolve conflicts, and make peace with ourself and with others; on a private and global scale.   

Highly recommended.

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