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PassionCreating this blog is fun to do. I have an IT background and am pretty familiar with the Internet, but I never was a webmaster. So this is all new to me.

Setting up the basic framework was very easy. I am running WordPress on my site and this is less than a 10 minutes install. Next step was selecting a visual theme. WordPress has plenty of free themes to choose from, so this was another quick setup.

The blog went live at the end of January, all I needed to do now was to get some content on the site. I was ready to conquer the Internet, thinking “If I build it they will come”. Little did I know at that time. With billions of available web pages, the job of attracting people to their site can give a major headache to  every webmaster.

What seems to matter the most is getting a high PageRank in Google and other search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a bit like presenting yourself in the right way: If you look sharp, people will notice you sooner. Getting the highest PageRank will give you top position when people search in Google. Now, of course, there are several ways to do this. The Internet if full with tips and trick on how to improve your SEO. If you do it right, people will find your site sooner, maybe even at top position. If you try too hard and bend the rules, you run the risk of getting banned: Google will not show your site at all.

This blog is all about your authentic self. Knowing who you are, your true self, and your core values. Getting rid of all the bad habits, limitations and false beliefs you may have gathered over the years. The task of building a site, and improving the SEO, does not look too much different then the message I try to convey: Make sure you do things from your heart, with passion and true intention and do not use tricks to get what you want. In the end people will know you are faking it and you will have to bear the consequences.

I have created, and am maintaining, this weblog with passion. I will keep you up to date on the progress I am making, especially with the PageRank.

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