Are you competative?

How competitive are you in daily life? I’m not speaking here about a little competitiveness such as playing sports or trying to win a deal in business. I’m more speaking about the way you look at other people in general.

Do you see other people as a threat and competition? Or are you seeking out opportunities to work together?

Seeing other people as a threat is more the rule than the exception in today’s society. Look at the way some people act in traffic: every other driver is a competitor and must be beaten at the traffic light. Even in a normal conversation we are looking for a way to win the argument, often at the expense of the other.

Seeing other people as a threat can be very stressful and is definitely not rewarding in the long term. Once we won the argument there may be some short term satisfaction, but soon there will be another person to beat and then another.

Good luck! 6 Billion people left to go.

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